Wanna make some beer?
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Cheers, mate. I'll try that next year. And then in April 2019 I'll have some b-day gin ;)


I think raspberry gin would probably be a good one to start with, it's pretty easy to find raspberries.

You'll need a container, 1L or 1.5L so you can put all the sugar,fruit and gin together. The sugar will take up to a few days to fully dissolve so shake the container lightly a few times a day until that happens. Once the sugar is all dissolved put the container in a cupboard, or somewhere around room temperature and out of the way. and leave for about 3 months.
When it's time pour the gin through a sieve to get the fruit out. The fruit can be nice on ice cream. The gin can now be drunk :)

Raspberry Gin:
70cl Gin
200g Raspberries
150g Sugar

Crabapple Gin:
70cl Gin
250g Crabapples (cut in quarters, pips removed)
150g Sugar

Damson Gin:
70cl Gin
250g Damsons (prick skins)
150g Sugar


just bought my first bottle of gin, Gordon was found. Now I still need fresh fruits and sugar.
Gimme your recipe, please.


You do get a better flavour by leaving the fruit in the gin for 3 months rather than just adding some juice when you make the drink. As a bonus you also get some really nice alcoholic fruit to have with ice cream :D

You can drink gin by itself but I don't think much of it like that.


oh, I thought you were making the gin too but you're just mixing it, DJ JesusChrist.
I do that too but with vodka in a glass to my mouth. Vodka with whatever juice I like and is relatively cheap. ;)

Btw, can you drink gin pure, without any additional liquids?


>>35140 Fruit gin is pretty much just normal gin with added fruit juice and sugar to the alcohol level will be much the same as the original gin, probably slightly lower.
I used Gordons Gin as the base which is 37.5% so I would guess my fruit gins are around 30-35 now.

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Just curious, how do you know the alcohol level?

I saw that Deadpool's gin has 42%, that's 2% more than my fav vodka. How do you know the alcohol percentage?



I'll take the raspberry gin, please.


I'd like to do a bit of home brewing but I'm not sure this is the best way to go. I'll bet with the cost of running the machine and the capsules it'll cost more for a pint that just buying a bottle, and being limited to 5 beers is pretty crap. I'll keep an eye out for a review anyway.

I've just bottled up some fruit gins I started a few months ago. I have 2 bottles of Damson Gin, 1 of Raspberry Gin and 1 of Crabapple Gin. The crabapple is quite a subtle flavour but the other two are nice and strong. The best thing is it's so easy to do, just add fruit and sugar to gin then leave for months and then drink :D